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After Action Review

    VADAAR is a stand-alone After Action Review system allowing you to capture and replay your entire simulation (video, audio, and data streams) indexed and bookmarked so you can get the most from your simulations.
    • Software based system is completely customizable to allow it to respond to your specific needs.
    • Highly scalable for a small simulator to massive multi facility, multi platform, joint simulations.
    • Works natively on Windows based systems, and through capture cards on all other systems.
    • Captures and replays Computer screens (or section of), Soft instrument panels, and IP Video camera output, audio and metadata, so you can get the whole story.
    • Points of interest can be marked for replay in real time via tablet, so the most important moments are available instantly.
    • Hi bandwidth, Hi resolutions. Capture up to 160 HD streams @25 frames per second on a single network segment. Will capture any resolution including 4K.
    • IP based system with a browser based interface allowing you to control it from any device anywhere in the world, and share streams between location for joint exercises.
    • Captures are stored in MP4 format so they can be shared and played back on any computer.
    • Great for Simulators, Command and Control Centers, and control rooms
    • No Hardware means less space, less weight, much lower failure rates, and VADAAR is very cost effective solution.

Geometry Correction

    • Geometry Correction – Semi Automatic, Manual, for perfect results every time.
    • Edge Blending – Virtually invisible blending of images.
    • Color and Gamma Matching – for a beautiful image from edge to edge.
    • Image Masking – keeping the image just where you want it.
    • Black Level Adjustment – for perfect night scenes.
    • Near zero latency – for a system that responds instantly.

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