High-Performance Multi-Projector Display Systems

Fitting your specification, your business, and your budget.

Simulation & Training

Flight simulation, maritime simulation, air traffic simulation, driving, train/railway – all types of simulation displays are our mainstay. We will work with you to design and deliver a quality multi-projector display system that meets your vision and your budget.


Complex data sets are often tamed by the human intellect through visualization. Weather, geological surveys and oceanography are just some of the many data sets that are better seen in large scale and high detail. We will work with you to allow you to be totally immersed – helping to fuel your next insight. This can be done in caves, cylinders and domes with as many pixels as required to enlighten the finest nuance.

Entertainment, Marketing, & Education

Flat screens, even tiled flat screens, are already a thing of the past. To really immerse your audience, to really excite them, large curved displays are the only sure way to enthrall. From store displays and interactive rides, to compelling museum displays, we can design the right system for the right price.