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Curved Displays

Why Choose Curved Displays LLC

Expertise, Value, and Independence

With more than a decade designing and delivering high-performance display systems, Curved Displays has the expertise to make your next project a success.

  • We have experience with large scale displays involving 360 degrees, and 20 projectors, down to 2 projector immersive experience in a retail setting.
  • We have installed domes, cylinders, conical displays and tiled, flat wall megapixel displays.
  • We have helped customers in flight simulation, maritime simulation, driving simulation, missile trainers, entertainment venues, recruiting tools, marketing displays, and many more.
Your project is only a success if it doesn’t break your budget.  We will work with you closely to help you realize your vision, at a price that makes sense. By taking the time to really understand your goals for the project, we can help you find the right balance of cost and performance.

We work for you! We won’t try to sell you what we have – rather we draw on our extensive relationships to bring you the right products for your application.